Bar Hours:

Monday thru Saturdayday
3:00 pm until
1:00 am

Closed on Sunday









Welcome to The Bar at
The Laughing Pint!

Our Featured Cocktails:

Sangria $6
Our own blend of wines and brandy.

Margaritas $6
We offer three distinct house Margaritas.
Classic Margarita
Pomegranate Margarita--sweet and a little tart made with Pama Liquor.
Blood Orange Margarita--made with blood orange bitters for an earthy flavor.

Fresh-Squeezed Greyhounds $6
Simple and wonderful. Luksusowa Vodka with fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice.

Caiparhina $6
A classic Brazilian cocktail made with Cachaca, sugar, and lime.

Mad Manhattan $6
Our twist on the classic martini. Evan William's bourbon with sweet vermouth and blood orange bitters. Garnished with a cherry.

Ginger Sidecar $7
Timeless classic with brandy and lime juice spiced up with a dash of ginger.

Our Wine and Beer Selections