Kitchen Hours:

Monday thru Saturday
3 pm until 10:30 pm

Closed on Sunday

Our Philosophy:

The Laughing Pint is dedicated to serving only the freshest, healthiest, and most delicious food.  All of the ingredients we use are fresh, whenever possible.  We specialize in food that is prepared from scratch daily in our own kitchen—no pre-packaged items are served.   We also offer several vegetarian dishes for those who prefer the meatless cuisine.  As the seasons progress, we plan to feature local fruits and vegetables as they come into season.  It is our philosophy that any food we serve here should be the best we can possibly offer.
…Proprietor, Shannon Cassidy









Welcome to The Kitchen at
The Laughing Pint!

The Laughing Pint is dedicated to serving only the freshest, healthiest and most delicious food.  We specialize in food that is prepared from scratch daily in our own kitchen.  We are also vegetarian friendly; ask our servers if you have any questions or dietary restrictions.

Smaller Stuff
Rosemary Roasted Potato Wedges $5
Oven baked thick cut seasoned potatoes

Loaded Potato Wedges $7
With cheese, bacon, sour cream & scallions

Edamame $5
Tossed in kosher salt or our sesame garlic sauce

Chips & Salsa $5
Fresh house-made salsa

House Salad $6
Mixed greens, fresh vegetables, feta & house dressing
Add seasoned pulled chicken for $2

Hummus $7
Our house made Lebanese recipe
Served with pita & veggies

Pint Nachos $8
Piled with cheeses, seasoned black beans & corn, diced tomatoes, jalapenos & scallions
Served with sour cream & house made salsa

Seasoned Wings $9
Our wings are seasoned & oven baked, served with blue cheese & veggies
Tossed with your choice of sauce:buffalo, hot, BBQ, sesame garlic, pear bourbon, ornaked

*Please be aware: we use nuts, legumes and tree nut products in our kitchen

*Alert your server to any allergies


Bigger Stuff
Mac n Cheese $8
Entrée sized portion loaded with creamy cheddar & Havarti, then baked golden brown

Sausage Mac $10
Brats & our house recipe pear bourbon sauce

Southwestern Veggie or Chicken Mac $10
Slightly spicy black beans & corn, with or without our seasoned pulled chicken

Eggplant Gyros $9
Grilled eggplant, seasonal greens& veggies, feta & basil aioli served with today’s side

Cashew Burger $9
Our vegetarian creation contains fresh basil & cilantro topped with a house made basil aioli

The pint Hamburger $9
A ½ pound of ground steak grilled to order

Peter Piper $10
With spicy sautéed jalapenos, Tanner’s Habanero Bread & Butter Pickles & salsa

Sow Side $10
Bacony& cheesy just like you want

French Revolution $10
Smothered in our sweet & spicy pear bourbon sauce

Open Sesame!
Topped with peanut butter & sesame garlic sauce – just try it!

*all burgers come with the house side & are served with lettuce, tomato & caramelized onions, and your choice of cheese: Havarti, cheddar, blue or feta

**Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness